Reserve pilot on an aircraft.


. 302 (Polish) Fighter Squadron and 34 in No.

Also known as the White Whale or Old Grey Lady, the latter two being names.


. Aircraft nicknames [ edit] Chippie a de Havilland Chipmunk. In 1940, no so-called ‘men of colour’ could have joined.

Charles, Minn.

. Widomaker – F-104 Starfighter. [54] Flying Cigar (The) – a Wellington bomber.

(See: FUF, BIB). [12] Fat Albert – Lockheed Hercules (all variants).

"Jack" – John Frost, South African Air Force pilot "Jake" – Leon Swirbul, co-founder of Grumman Aircraft "JB" – James Brown, American test pilot [16] "Jimmy" – John S.


Whiskey Charlie - "Who cares" Whiskey Delta - "weak dick", a pilot who can't cut it. Winder - A Sidewinder.

From "flying coffins" to "tow targets," pilots and glider-borne infantry had colorful and well-earned nicknames for their ungainly planes. 303 (Polish) Fighter Squadron.

303 (Polish) Fighter Squadron.
To chat/talk.

RAF cartoon from WWII.

He joined the RAF in 1935.

. Minimum fuel for a comfortable and safe return to base. 303 (Polish) Fighter Squadron.

. Infantryman. . . Big Skunk:The AWACS. .

71 Squadron, the first of the RAF’s ‘Eagle’ squadrons formed from American volunteers.

. submarine commander [2] "Camel" – Hugh Trenchard, British officer responsible for founding the Royal Air Force.

544 RAF pilots of Fighter Command and more than 2,500 German aircrew were killed during the Battle.



What are nicknames for pilots? C “Cats Eyes” – John Cunningham, Battle of Britain pilot.

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